Hardwood and Stainless Dual Blade Guillotine Cutter

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Beautiful Hardwood Ox Horn design Dual Blade Guillotine Cutter

This hardwood guillotine cutter has a clean ox horn design that's stylish and comfortable to use. Wenge wood is a hardwood native to Africa with a deep brown color streaked with darker, almost black, wood. It will gain a lovely luster as you use it. The blades of this cutter are stainless steel. Guillotine cutters work well on any type of cigar, and this style is the only choice for Figurado shapes like the torpedo. This model is double bladed for a cleaner cut and less chance of tearing your wrapper. Easy to use thumb latch locks the cutter closed. The cutter comes packaged in a gift box.

Material: Wenge Wood and Stainless Steel
Style: Guillotine
Dimensions: 3" x 2 1/2" x 1/4"