6Pcs Natural Whiskey Stones - Product Review

So, here is what I hope to be the first of many product reviews to let you all know my opinion of the products we put in our store @ www.rnadirect.com.

The 6 Piece whiskey stones are well packaged, they come in their own cloth bag for transport or storage with "Whiskey Stones" marked on the front....In case you forget?

The stones themselves appear at first glance to be a bit small. While the directions state to add 3 stones to a height of 1 stone.....I'm sure an extra stone wouldn't hurt a bit.

For my fist go around, I have to admit that I didn't have the patience to wait 4 hours for the stones to get cold, so I added them to a frosted glass of Buffalo Trace Whiskey....what I found is the stones very quickly absorbed the cold from the glass, and continued to keep my drink cold for it's entirety.

The stones certainly hold the cold very well and the best part is, no matter how long it takes for you to finish your drink there is no off taste that you will most definitely get from using ice.

These stones or any of the stones, we carry, be they natural stone or stainless steel will without a doubt make a great gift as well as a much needed addition to any whiskey, bourbon or scotch drinkers arsenal.

Weather sitting down for two fingers of your favorite scotch by itself, or with your favorite daily cigar....I feel that these stones are a must have!!!

And while were on the subject of your favorite cigar....check out this great site for cigar reviews, tips & tricks.

I hope this review helps you make the leap from the off tastes and watered down days of your past to the fresh, distinct flavors you have always sought from your drink of choice.

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